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Submitted by flinker 14/04/2010

My Hot Asian Sex Story - Marshall Arts Score

It was almost my turn to take the promotion exam when she walked in. I’ve been training for years to make it to this moment, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of me getting that black belt, not even a sexy Chinese hottie with bouncing boobs and a hot bottom that needed some spanking… I thought that her Oriental pussy must be tight. And wet. I never tried hardcore Asian sex, but just looking at the way this babe moved made me fuess how sweet it must be. The busty China girl checked me out with slanted black eyes that lingered on my crotch.

My sensei called my name and I realized I was drifting. I was also staring at the exotic China girl. She looked right back at me and licked her red lips. That slut.

My white gi pants suddenly felt uncomfortable and I realized I was getting a huge boner.

I fought to regain concentration. Damn. Did she have to wear that see-through top and that short tiny skirt that ran up her thighs? Her long sexy legs were crossed and I noticed that her barefoot feet were tiny as well. I never had foot fetish before, but for that sexy China girl I was more than willing to make an exception.

My sensei called my name again. This time he was using his Bruce Lee tone, so I could tell he was losing his patience.
The Exotic China girl got up and tilted her head in a silent invitation. She was smiling. Across the room my sensei called my name for the third time. I looked at him. I looked at her. I took a quick bow and left.

That night I had the best hardcore Asian sex that I've ever had in my life. We fucked like crazy in her small apartment. I sucked her small nipples and rode her ass and banged her Asian pussy - which was indeed extremely tight and incredibly wet. She gave me the deepest deepthroat blowjob I have ever had in my life and she trailed her tongue on my hairy balls like a professional Asian sex machine.

I thought that if I make my honest apologies to the sensei he, being a man, would understand, but unfortunately - he was her old man. No black belt for me.

Submitted by Rudolftherednose 27/04/2010

Asian Sex Slaves

Slut training is the ultimate sexual game, and chicks from Asia, being so submissive, are fucking perfect for the job. You can tie them up, humiliate them, boss them around – even spank their butts if you’re into all that S&M XXX shit. Me, I just like to teach them some humility and get them to suck my dick. Pinay are awesome, but Japs make the absolute best slaves.  

Submitted by goblin 12/05/2010

Tight China Girl and Virgins

I fuck virgins - that’s just what I do. Trees grow, rivers flow – I find untouched cunts and asses and teach them something new. If the sexy amateur bitch’s pussy is already taken than I can always give her a hardcore taste of first time anal. I just don’t like other kinds of slits – too loose for me. And it doesn’t mean I’m only screwing teens (18+) – no way. There are loads of mature virgins just waiting to be tapped.

My only exception to the virginity rule is Far East cunts – like Philippine or Vietnamese or chicks from Thailand (although you have to make sure these sluts aren't hiding a big tranny surprise). When you're with a sexy China girl or banging Far East women, you see that they have the tightest slits ever – even if they’re mature MILFs. It’s unbelievable.  

I heard people here claiming that the tightness of oriental slits is just like an urban legend – but I figure whoever says that are guys who never get any outside of cyberspace. You can even see it for yourselves on Asian sex cams. It’s all true.

Submitten by lorenco 07/05/2010
A woman is too loose once her cherry is popped?! Sorry pal, but it sounds to me like you have a tiny weeny penis…

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