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Smart, young, beautiful, sexy – and modest! 5  Photos


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Submitted my Nordo 04/02/2010

I Just Felt Like W4M Asian Sex

I lifted my eyes to make my order and froze, forgetting all about the Dim Sum and Eggrolls. She was beautiful, prettier than any W4M Asian sex pic that I've ever seen. Her Filipino hair was so black that it was almost shining and she had a petite body and perfect tits, all covered in a pink uniform. This Pinay porn star's name Tag said “Jan”.

I saw flashes of the two of us – fucking against the counter. I saw it clearly - as if I was watching W4M Asian sex video and she was my private Pinay porn star. Her skinny  body was nude and drops of sweat were gliding down her Filipina boobs like the dew on a flower’s petal.
I was banging her tight Filipina pussy from behind – my left hand on her neck and my right deep inside her cunt – almost fisting her dripping vagina. I could smell her sex juices. She was very small and helpless in my arms and her moans were full of pleasure and yearning.

“May I help you?” Jan’s question snatched me out of the day Pinay porn dream. My cock, however, lingered. It was rock hard.

“I lost my appetite” I told her, and then wondered if I should go on, thinking that she could laugh at me. She was a real woman, not some stupid W4M Asian sex personals. I took another glimpse at her philippina tits, saw that her nipples were erect under the thin fabric of her outfit and decided I didn’t care if she laughs – at least I’ll see them bounce. “Maybe I should stay“, I continued, “- I decided that I was hungry for something else”.

That Filipna slut smiled at me, displaying flawless white teeth.

“Come back after nine” she said, “and maybe I can try and satisfy your other craving”.

I did. She did.

Submitted by roracko 12/05/2010

Far East Sex and Pinay Porn

Oriental sex queens from China and Thailand and all them places have the juiciest street meat there is, and there are tons of oriental chicks just begging to be screwed. Oriental Mature MILFs, nineteen years old sluts, Chinese lesbian chick - man, they come in any shape and boobs size! I totally dig that they’ll be more sluts in Asia – you know, third world countries and all – but it ain’t just that. Like – you can tell it just from tehir W4M Asian sex cam profiles. They’re totally into the whole sex thing – adult toys, weird positions, kinky stuff – they do everything. Just last week I saw a Pinay porn star on adult webcams, with her ass and Filipina pussy all exposed, and she was using a huge eggplant to bang herself – like it was a god damn dildo. Now this is what I call commitment. She even looked like she was having fun.

Submitted by golftan 14/05/2010

Interracial Fuck on W4M Asian Sex Chat

My all time favorite adult webcam sex show had two horny lesbians who went down on each other. Most “hot Lesbian” women online are just regular heterosexual chicks who want to make some money on the side, but these two were for real – you could tell from how they ate wet pussies. They had a good technique of circling the clits with their tongues. They were on the standard W4M Asian sex chat rooms, but really only one of them was from Asia, and she wasn;t a Pinay porn star or nothing, she was a real Japanese teen (18+). The other one was a busty blonde hottie with nice jugs and great butt. Seeing that long blond hair spread all over that dark black bush, was smoking hot.

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